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If you feel you have benefited from using The Indonesian Way and would like to show your appreciation then you can make a financial contribution to support the further development of The Indonesian Way. Your help is very welcome. Donations make a huge difference to us in maintaining the quality and consistency of our materials. Donations help us cover the ongoing cost of IT development, editing, and, most importantly, further development of The Indonesian Way.

Our plans for the future encompass:

Future Plans

  1. The Teacher Notes, originally witten in English, should be translated into Indonesian. After all, most instructors are native speakers of Indonesian, and not English.
  2. Updating all latihan (exercises). The exercises were developed using the now outdated software Hotpotatoes. The main problem with Hotpotatoe is its reliance on Flash which is not supported by iOS.
  3. Mobile applications are planned for Android and iOS
  4. Planned are also e-books in the EPUB and AZW (for Amazon Kindle) formats.
  5. We are also planning to add a ninth module of 12 lessons which would bring the lesson count to 125 lessons.

This goal can only be accomplished with your assistance.


We appreciate if you make a donation of any amount. We suggest a donation of $20 for each module that you complete, but if you’re tight and can afford only $5 that’s fine too. CLICK HERE TO DONATE

Terima Kasih, Thank You, Mahalo

  1. Emile SlagerEmile Slager07-30-2014

    Dear Sir,
    I would like to express my admiration for “The Indonesian Way”: I am a language teacher myself (I taught Spanish at Utrecht University) and while I study the lessons of this course I often smile when I see how wise and resourceful its authors operate. I would also like to know whether the course is still being maintained and developed. I keep a list of errors I find, which I can send you if you wish so, and I have hit sometimes the link “Donate”, which doesn’t really work: it just answers “thank you” without telling me how to make the donation.
    Kindly yours,
    Emile Slager

  2. Kim GoodwinKim Goodwin08-27-2014

    Are the 113 lessons online the equivalent of Ind 103 or Ind104. If you had completed those 113 lessons, what course would you enroll for?

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